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Window Blind Cleaning for a Happy, Healthy Home

Your window treatments make up a prominent part of your home. Along with providing privacy, sunlight control, and protection from UV rays, your window treatments are also an integral part of your interior design scheme. But within your blinds are a lot of small moving parts, all of which collect dust, dirt, and if you have furry family members, pet dander. Over time, all that airborne dust and dirt will build up on your beautiful window coverings, which not only discolor and damage your blinds, they also can create an environment for germs and allergens.

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It goes without saying that such a buildup of bacteria has its many downsides. Even with hypoallergenic window treatments, there is a chance that the dust, hair, and other particles in your home can have adverse effects on your overall health. Accumulated allergens can lead to respiratory problems and sore throats, while mites and mildew can cause sinus issues and lower your overall immune system. If you smoke inside the home, the toxins in tobacco smoke can get caught in your window coverings also, which can further lead to numerous health problems.

Routine blind cleaning can help you to avoid potential health problems and sickly looking window coverings. Light dusting with microfiber cloths is a good method for taking care of your blinds on your own, but eventually you will want to have them deep cleaned. After all, as mentioned above, your window treatments have mechanism inside them that still collect dust and dirt, which are difficult if not impossible for the average homeowner to clean by themselves.

Our professional blind cleaning service is everything you need to keep your home healthy and visually appealing. No need to fumble with removing your window coverings—our state of the art blind cleaning techniques and technology will have your window treatments looking like new. No matter where you purchased your window coverings, either from us or elsewhere, our window blind cleaning professionals will take good care of them.

For timely, professional blind cleaning service, schedule your free consultation with Creative Window Coverings today. We happily service Atlantic Beach, NY and surrounding areas.